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DiningOutAmerica.com provides the most possible value for restaurants that want to make sure their future customers know how to find them. DiningOutAmerica.com isn't just another online dining guide; this is America's Online Restaurant Guide - the Best American Restaurants. Where the restaurateur can show off his or her establishment, and through the incredibly easy to enter and manage online menu, show restaurant goers that just what they're missing if they are not already customers. DiningOutAmerica.com was developed and is managed by an award-winning design firm with proven successes in achieving top search engine results and getting sites the right visitors in staggering numbers. Already, beginning with just a basic listing of restaurants in the St. Louis metropolitan area, DiningOutAmerica.com is receiving thousands of visitors each week (and growing at a rapid rate!), and some of those visitors are already registering for enhanced features such as My Restaurants. Restaurant advertising cannot be found at a better value, so list your restaurant on DiningOutAmerica.com today!

Your Listing Provides Your Restaurant:
  • Listing under state, metropolitan area, zip code and cuisine searches as well as site wide searches including keywords you specify
  • Individual listing page with restaurant name, address, telephone, fax (optional), area, cuisine, hours, logo and photograph (must be uploaded), web site URL, description, directions, reviews, coupons, specials and more.
  • Online menu that you can add to or change any time you wish without any additional charge. Takes only minutes to setup with your own menu categories and items. Menus can include can include normal categories such as appetizers, salads, soups and entrees as well as expanded categories such as wine lists, cocktails, even daily specials; you customize it so that it fits your restaurant.

Restaurant Web Sites, E-mail Newsletters, Coupons and more!
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Easily upload photos of your restaurant's food, logo and the restaurant itself.
Listing Includes   
Each Dining Out America Restaurant listing includes:
  • Restaurant Name
  • Address (2 lines)
  • City, State, Zip
  • Telephone & Fax
  • Web Site URL/link & E-Mail address/link
  • Cuisine Type
  • Description
  • Logo (upload)
  • Photograph (upload)
  • Complete Menu
  • Hours
  • Driving Directions
  • Awards & Reviews
  • Chef's Bio
  • Customizable Coupon
  • Daily Specials
  • Banner linking to your web site
  • Individual restaurant visitor statistics

You may update your information as often as you like without any additional charges or fees.

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